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With a singular style at the crossroads of globetrotting, tribal art and couture, SATELLITE’s bold pieces are free from the dictates of fashion.  SATELLITE’s stones and materials come from the four corners of the earth; semi-precious stones rub alongside seed pearls, feathers, lacquer or velvet ribbons. Metal is finely chiseled and polished, silk threads are embroidered, pearls are threaded individually, stones are sewn on by hand.   The woman who wears SATELLITE is “a nomadic free spirit who knows how to stray from the beaten track, be bold and make her own unique statement.


Clio Blue

Currently celebrating their 30th year of creating authentic, purely silver jewelry, Clio Blue is designed for women who simply enjoy French elegance.   Clio Blue is a flagship Parisian brand for silver and has two main collections. Their timeless « Intemporels » add a dash of classic elegance to any outfit for any occasion. « Les Nouvelles Collections » are inspired by modern trends and are created fresh twice a year by Clio Blue’s celebrated team of designers.



MN3_180x180Michal Negrin

Michal Negrin’s vintage-inspired designs have been captivating people around the world for nearly two decades. Inspired by combining the old with the new, as well as employing exceptional color combinations, the Tel-Aviv based Negrin personally designs every piece of jewelry that carries her name. She uses a variety of techniques to craft her pieces and believes in blending styles, designs and colors to create a world of magic and romance.   « I believe that curiosity, enthusiasm and faith are daily reminders that anything is possible and that we must keep the child in us alive. »



ZAG’s original yet timeless collection is constantly re-inspired by current trends in Paris. ZAG revolutionizes the Paris jewelry scene by bringing a whimsical touch to otherwise classical, minimalist designs. Each piece feels simple, natural and light, with lines that are pure, sober and sophisticated.

ZAG jewelry is crafted of silver steel and gold- and pink-pleated steel, which contributes to a very dainty look, as well as deliciously affordable prices.


LC_180x180Les Cléias Paris Rive Gauche

Les Cléias has been creating a feminine world full of lightness and poetry since 1999. With jewels and accessories that announce tomorrow’s trends, Les Cléias collections evoke creativity, freedom and sophistication.
Les Cléias designs are inspired by the cultural abundance of Le Marais, the historic district of Paris. Each collection plays with a large palette of materials: Swarovski crystal, leather, ceramics and semi-precious stones, assembled into creative and feminine compositions


LiliBijouxlogoLili Bijoux

Created in 1999 and named for the designer’s baby girl, Lili Bijoux has been embraced for its simple elegance by women all over the world. Crafted in .925 silver, Lili designs are delicate, dainty and timeless; they are sophisticated but easy to wear. Each piece creates a classic, feminine look that is beautiful any time of day or night.



 Helene-DubinlogoHelene Dubin

Originally from Montpellier in the South of France, Helene Dubin first opened her design studio in 1997. Drawing on the sunny and colorful atmosphere around her, Dubin’s creations have rich textures and colors, and gain inspiration from the city’s mix of styles and cultures.

Dubin follows the latest French trends and colors to update her designs every season. Her collections offer perfect adornments for any and all women, at a guilt-free price point.





Since 1999, Ikita designs modern and original jewelry suitable for a wide range of women. The unique brand is popular for the distinctive bright Swarovski crystal, colorful enamel, and clean cut designs.

The creations closely follow the latest Parisian trends and colors season after season. The quality handmade jewelry will add a pop of sparkle and style to your outfits at an affordable price.


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